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My bio

​“I love music entirely too much” says DJ Sphere with a huge grin, when asked what’s his greatest strength is as a DJ. DJ Sphere aka ShakeSphere scratched his way into the music scene circa 1996. From the borough where Hip Hop legends were made, the Bronx native shakes the world with his eclectic art of mixing and moving the crowd. From hanging out at legendary block parties in the South Bronx to listening to the NYC’s Hip Hop radio stations in the 80’s & early 90’s, Sphere first recognized the power of the DJ. Taking inspiration from the likes of Red Alert, S&S and Jazzy Jeff, Sphere has been deemed the Universal DJ due to his limitless music catalogue that he mixes and his inept ability to pick up on the vibe of his surroundings and play accordingly.  

Sphere has rocked the club scene at various venues from the legendary Tunnel Nightclub & China Club to the now trendy Taj Lounge. He has spun at Chrissette Michelle’s debut album release party in 2008 and as an affiliate of Alizé, a premium liqueur brand, he participated in the Alizé & Essence Magazine’s Speed Dating event held in NYC and many other Alizé sponsored events. Due to his distinguished skills on the 1's and 2's, Sphere was a guest judge on the panel for the Guitar Center Spin-Off of 2004. He was also a proud participant at the Zulu Nation Anniversary in 2003, which allowed him to rub elbows with the originators of Hip-Hop and the artists that made his current career possible today. In 2003 & 2005, he also had the opportunity to DJ at the Graffiti Hall of Fame.  

Now a resident of Harlem, DJ Sphere is changing the landscape of the DJ scene in lounges and clubs all over the city and tri-state area. His musical repertoire cannot be defined by just Hip Hop and R&B alone; Sphere can spin & mix a wide variety of genres just name it and he can do it. In his mixes, Sphere loves to hype up crowd by playing Frankie Beverly & Maze’s classic song, “Before I Let Go.” His mixing ability sets him apart from his peers in the DJ game; he manages to create his own lane and destiny. Two words to describe Sphere’s drive…GOOD MUSIC! So whether in a club, lounge or at home listening to one of his classic mix CDs, listeners are guaranteed a superior listening experience.  

Sphere is currently doing his thing in spots around NYC, but has found a niche in Connecticut at venues such as Rain, Rhythm, Enigma, Spazzio & 502 where he is making moves and a name for himself. He has also made a cameo appearance in the music video of new, up and coming artist Zen (signed to Universal Media Group). As he continues to perfect his DJ artistry, he is also working on production/beat making now and is planning to complete a compilation album.  

You can check Sphere in a City/Country near you, in & out of clubs and lounges doing what he knows best…Shaking The World, baby! 

“Remember whatever you do in life, make sure it’s worth it…SHAKE THE WORLD!”